Setting up a MyDAS data source from svn using eclipse

select new -> project from svn.

make sure mydas repository is added in your svn repository list.

navigate to the svn repository mydas->mydastemplate.

select open project with wizard.

open the project as a “dynammic web project”

right click on the “pom.xml” file and select “package”. wait for maven to package the project

right click on the project and select “enable maven dependencies” – project icon will then have “M” on it and may take a minute to build.

right click on the project and select run on server. select a tomcat server and the server should then run.

put this url into your browser: http://localhost:8080/MyDasTemplate/das/referencegff/features?segment=L47615.1

if the page responds with a blank try right clicking on the page and select “view source”. This should then have an xml response containing this data:

<SEGMENT id=”L47615.1″ start=”1″ stop=”3221″ total=”2″ version=”FromFile” label=”L47615.1″>
<FEATURE id=”GFF_feature_1″ label=”GFF_feature_1″>
<TYPE id=”TSS”/>
<METHOD id=”hand_built”>hand_built</METHOD>
<FEATURE id=”GFF_feature_2″ label=”GFF_feature_2″>
<TYPE id=”TSS”/>
<METHOD id=”hand_built”>hand_built</METHOD>
if this is not the case and you get a class not found error. right click on your project and then “Deployment Assembly” then “add”, add maven library dependencies (select the whole library not individual ones).
when developing a new adapter:
I changed the mydas log to be to the console by changing the rootCategory line in the file:

log4j.rootCategory=DEBUG, console

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