New Registry Version 4.1.6

There has been a registry update highlights below:


* json responses for web service if accept header = application/json. The exact format of the json response is currently subject to change.

* multiple parameters for the same type are now accepted for e.g. capabilities=features;capabilities=types; returning sources with either features or types

* select active or inactive or both sources using the active=true, active=false or active=any, default is active only

* lists and links to rng files at



The registry web service code is now self contained and is it’s own project hosted here: it uses the Spring REST mvc framework, JAXB2 and the Jackson JSON library. Also maven.


The new registry rest service uses the JDAS project which is here: . This project has object models generated from the relaxng schema files and thus has an easy to use model that follows the structure of the documents. These objects also have JAXB2 annotations that enables the immediate use of more standard Java libraries like spring REST and the Jackson library.


To make a json request you can for example make a request to after setting the “accept” header in the request to “application/json”. A simple REST client can be downloaded for free from here:



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