Users can now register BigFile files such as BAM, BIGWIG or BIGBED

You can now add bigfile formats such as BAM, BIGBED and BIGWIG using the bigfile-bam, bigfile-bigbed and bigfile-bigwig capabilities. These files are not served from a DAS server but are just available from the web (Thus the urls for these “sources” are not expected to have other capabilities such as a sources command or a format command). People can use the meta data associated with a DAS source or in this case a bigfile to advertise the availability of the file to other researchers. The additional information includes a coordinate system e.g. GRCh_37, Chromosome, Homo sapiens so others know what is the correct sequence to attach the files to. Also descriptions and helpUrls etc.

To register a bigfile login and then go to the register a service page Register new  select the second option “registering a plain file..” then add the meta data for your data file.

Once you have registered your file it will appear in the listSources page – you can filter to show only the bigfile format of the appropriate type using the capabilities dropdown.

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