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Users can now register BigFile files such as BAM, BIGWIG or BIGBED

You can now add bigfile formats such as BAM, BIGBED and BIGWIG using the bigfile-bam, bigfile-bigbed and bigfile-bigwig capabilities. These files are not served from a DAS server but are just available from the web (Thus the urls for these “sources” are not expected to have other capabilities such as a sources command or a format command). People can use the meta data associated with a DAS source or in this case a bigfile to advertise the availability of the file to other researchers. The additional information includes a coordinate system e.g. GRCh_37, Chromosome, Homo sapiens so others know what is the correct sequence to attach the files to. Also descriptions and helpUrls etc.

To register a bigfile login and then go to the register a service page Register new  select the second option “registering a plain file..” then add the meta data for your data file.

Once you have registered your file it will appear in the listSources page – you can filter to show only the bigfile format of the appropriate type using the capabilities dropdown.


Dasregistry Version 4.0 now released – new login

The new version of the DAS Registry has done away with open_id as authentication in favour of good old username and passwords. This makes registering easier for users and as at the last DAS workshop normal https usernames and passwords was accepted as authentication methods for other DAS servers. This move was also prompted by the removal of “sticky” sessions from the Sanger Servers which forced a rewrite of the way the registry logins worked.

Users who already have accounts can follow the instructions on the usual login page in order to set thier passwords.