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DAS Registry updated to allow registering of servers rather than DAS sources

There have been some recent updates to the DAS registry:
DAS server (as apposed to DAS source) registration can be done by anyone with an openid account and a sources response the registry considers valid. I encourage people who had their servers mirrored by the registry previously to log on and register their servers by this method. This means they become a server owner and can see the status of the sources easily and they will then be continued to be mirrored. Also some data sources previously had a different  prefix e.g. ENSEMBL_ instead of the usual DS_ prefix for their registry ids. Newer sources from these prefixed providers will no longer have these prefixes.

There is now a List Servers page to show this information also a web service page at (also can restrict rows by adding rows params e.g. “server controlled” refers to servers that have sources in the registry based on their sources document.

DAS sources now become inactive rather than deleted/archived if they have no valid responses for 60 days or are controlled by the server sources document and are no longer present in that document. This means if there is a valid reason for them to be reinstated they can be easily and with their previous DS_ number. Please email if you beleive a data source has wrongly been moved to being inactive.