Sanger DAS Sources

Today the address was updated to respond with a valid sources document containing all the public Sanger DAS sources that have a valid coordinate system assigned (as opposed to older sources we serve that don’t have a coordinate system specified). This equates to currently 120 data sources.

This sources document will soon be mirrored by the registry as well so that sanger sources can be found there.

For some of the data sources the specific sources.xml response specified in the upcoming 1.6 spec for an individual source in response to example is supported – but currently most do not support the xml specified in 1.6. This will change in the next few months (is just complicated by the fact we serve this data from many servers and proserver and dazzle instances).

This should help when attaching das sources to clients like ensembl which currently use two different mechanisms – one for data sources that have a valid sources.xml like the das registry and the sanger sources which up until today not support the sources commmand with a proper response.

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